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  • Little Simz visits HFS

Little Simz visits HFS

Group Photo - Little Simz website

On Tuesday 23rd April 2024, Highbury Fields School had a visit from a former student - Little Simz!

Little Simz, the acclaimed British rapper, came to speak to students in Year 10 and 12 about her incredibly inspiring story from a North London girl to becoming an international music star. She won her first BRIT Award and the Mercury Prize for British Album of the Year in 2022 and a MOBO Award in 2024 (Music of Black Origin).

Her presence was empowering and students were able to take part in a Q&A, which was really uplifting and inspiring to us all. Little Simz discussed the sacrifices she had to make in order to be successful, the resilience and hard work that she had put in since the age of 9 to follow her dream. She looked back to the influence of her Highbury Fields School teachers' guidance alongside the influence of her mother, who had worked hard as a single parent from Nigeria to be able to support Little Simz to reach her potential as an artist.

Little Simz encouraged students to look after their mental health and wellbeing and celebrate the ways they are all unique rather than focusing on social media and comparing themselves to others. Students and staff also had an opportunity to take part in a breathing exercise that she uses regularly with her coach giving a practical way to be mindful and manage potential moments of anxiety.

She talked about female role models and the importance of taking up space in a positive way as well as giving back to the community.

Lucy, Year 12 student wrote

"Little Simz, an ex-student of Highbury Fields, visited her old school to give a talk to its current students. When she arrived her entrance was met with applause and gasps, like a celebrity had just walked into the room, which she had.

She discussed how she made it big in the industry, from being a young girl in North London like every student watching, to a multiple award winning rapper doing tours across the World. Her audience were able to relate to her, asking questions about her role in Top Boy and her favourite teachers from her time at the School. The moment when Little Simz jumped off stage to run and hug Ms Welton, her old English teacher, was received with loud “awwhs”, the reunion being symbolic of how much impact people can have on each others lives.

Overall, the talk was inspiring because Little Simz was someone many were able to relate to and, if they could see themselves in her, then why couldn't they become just as successful."