Year 9 Transition to Key Stage 4

Friday 22nd January 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you are your families are well.

As with many things over the last year, the circumstances around the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that the school has had to redesign many of its established procedures, and the Year 9 GCSE options curriculum process is unfortunately no exception.

With this is mind, this year’s Year 9 GCSE option preferences process will take place in the following way:

  • Accompanying this letter is the GCSE subject preferences guide which provides you with curriculum information about the core subjects that your daughter has to study, as well as information about the subjects she can express a preference to study next year. Please ensure that you and your daughter read the course information carefully before making your subject preferences.

As your daughter moves onto the next stage in her educational career she will be required to make some important decisions about the GCSE subjects she would like to study. Your daughter’s GCSE curriculum will be assessed under the new numerical grading system 9-1, with grade 9 being the highest grade and grade 1 being the lowest.

Please read the GCSE subject preferences guide carefully to support the decision making process.

Section 1 provides you with information about all five of the compulsory subjects your daughter will be studying over the next two years. The subject information informs you of the content that will be covered in the subject and how the subject will be assessed.

Sections 2 and 3 provide you with information about the fifteen different subjects that are on offer to your daughter and she will be required to select four of these subjects to study over the next two years.

The optional subjects have been categorised into three groups: the English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) subjects, additional GCSE subjects and additional vocational Btec subjects that lead to GCSE qualifications.

The Ebacc subjects are core academic subjects that are most regularly asked for by university courses, so it would be important to keep this in mind when making your GCSE selection. In order to ensure your daughter has the Ebacc selection of GCSEs she will need to select the following alongside her core compulsory subjects: either History or Geography, and Spanish. She may wish to also select Computer Science and/or Separate (triple) Science if she wishes to pursue these subjects at A Level and university.

The additional optional subjects are a range of other GCSE subjects that can be studied based on your daughter’s interests which will provide breadth to her GCSE curriculum.

The additional vocational Btec subjects are optional subjects that lead to GCSE qualifications. Vocational qualifications offer a mix of practical and theoretical learning that is directly related to an area of employment.

The school will collate your daughter’s subject preferences, and it is important to note that final decisions will be made in consultation with the school. It is important that we ensure your daughter is on the right courses, so where necessary, the school will arrange a meeting with you and your daughter to discuss this.

Please remember that subject preferences will need to be made by completing and submitting the preference form by Friday 29th January 2021.
(GCSE Subject preferences form CLICK HERE)

Yours faithfully,

Ms K Vishnuram
Deputy Headteacher

Year 9 GCSE Subject Preferences Information Presentation 2021

Year 9 GCSE Subject Preferences Guide 2021