School Uniform

Highbury Fields School uniform consists of a navy blue skirt or trousers, light blue blouse or school polo shirt and a navy blue school sweatshirt with historic logo.

The PE kit consists of navy blue sweat pants and a red school polo shirt.

Students are expected to maintain a high standard of personal presentation and to carefully follow rules about school uniform, make-up and jewellery. 

  • Navy school sweatshirt with school logo. (This must be brought to school every day.)
  • Navy blue school skirt worn to the knee or navy blue school trousers worn to heel of shoe (NO JEANS or trousers with patch pockets) 
  • Sky blue blouse or polo shirt
  • Navy blue or black tights or school socks worn to the knee
  • Plain black school shoes
  • Plain black or navy blue coat that must be removed on entry to the school
  • Hijabs to be plain navy blue or black
  • Hair bands to be plain navy blue or black
  • A watch and/or a pair of small stud earrings (one in each ear lobe) are the only items of jewellery allowed
  • Make-up, fake tan, nail varnish and extreme hairstyles and colours are not permitted
  • Chewing gum is not permitted
  • Electronic devices of any kind are not permitted anywhere on the school premises or on school related activities

Please visit our school uniform suppliers website, Rough Cut Casuals, or contact the school office for more information.

Games Kit

  • Red aertex/Fred Perry games top.
  • Navy shorts.
  • One piece swimming costume.
  • Plain navy tracksuit trousers.
  • Trainers.
  • Navy school sweatshirt.
  • Swimming hat.
  • Towel.

School Rules

Make Up - pupils are not allowed to wear make up in school or on the way to and from school. Please ensure your daughter does not leave the house wearing make up. This includes nail varnish and nail extensions.

Mobile Phones - are not allowed at Highbury Fields School. This means that mobile phones must not be seen, at any time, on the school site. If a student needs to contact home, during the school day or after school, they can ask a member of staff to use a school phone. If a parent or carer needs to contact a child, during the school day or during an after school activity, they should contact the school office. If a phone is seen or heard it will be confiscated for 24 hours and returned to the parent/carer the next school working day.

Jewellery - is NOT allowed, apart from one pair of small earrings or sleepers/studs. No facial piercing is allowed.

Please note the following:
Hair - should be tied back in all practical lessons if it is long enough to touch the shoulders.
Headscarves - must be plain dark blue or black