School Catering

The school catering service is provided by Accent Catering.

There are two lunch breaks each day, one for years 8 and 10 at 12.05pm - 12.50pm and a separate lunch break for Years 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13 at 12.55pm - 1.40pm.
At lunchtime, students can select a hot (meat or vegetarian) main dish and dessert for £2.65 as part of a meal deal. Every day there is also a selection of filled sandwiches, healthy snack pots or salad boxes. There is a choice of cold desserts, fruit, tray bakes and drinks.
Students pay for their lunches using their school lunch card. Parents need to top up these cards using School Gateway ( If students are eligible for free school meals, they will automatically have £2.65 added to their card each day. This money can only be spent on the hot meal deal or equivalent sandwiches and cold meal deal option. If students want to buy additional items, parents will need to top up their cards.
Parents can see what their daughter has eaten if they go to their School Gateway account and look under Lunch Money. This will also show the balance on their daughter's card.
HFS Dining Hall