School Catering

The school catering service is provided by WilsonJones Ltd.

Students can buy light snacks at break time or pick up a sandwich for lunchtime if they have a club. At lunch time there is always a choice of a hot meat main (both a halal and non halal option), vegetarian and pasta dishes. There is a selection of sandwiches, salad pots and hot and cold desserts. Please see link below for the current menu.

A hot main dish costs £1.90 and there is a meal deal where students can have a hot main meal or sandwich or salad box with a dessert or drink for £2.10.

The school runs a cashless catering system, which enables a faster service. Students are given a cashless catering card when they join, which they top up daily or weekly like an oyster card. The school will be moving to be completely cashless in 2018 and parents should register with School Gateway so that they can top up their daughter's lunch card via an easy mobile phone app or on-line.

Students use their lunch card to pay for all items purchased. Students who receive Free School Meals automatically have £2.10 topped up daily on their card, which they use to pay for a meal and dessert or a drink. They can use their Free School Meal allowance at break time or lunch time, but if used at break they will have to top up their card, if they wish to buy a lunch as well.

If you have any questions about the school's catering, please contact Ms Gavin via the website contact form.

Please click on the link below to access the current school menu