Wider Curriculum

The wider curriculum

The wider curriculum is designed to complement the studied and pastoral curricular by further developing in students the confidence and determination that are so vital in successfully negotiating the challenges of adulthood.  Broadly themed into adventure and sport; community and culture; the creative arts; public speaking and debate; science and technology, the wider curriculum exposes students to subject knowledge, cultures and viewpoints that extend beyond the studied curriculum and enables them to practise and apply skills across a wide spectrum of contexts, thus honing their expertise.  

By offering opportunities across a range of areas, the wider curriculum ensures that all students have access to a breadth of experiences that allows them to accumulate cultural capital throughout their educational journey.  Just as importantly, by encouraging participation in fun non-academic pastimes, the wider curriculum helps students to develop strategies to look after and manage their emotional and physical health both throughout school and as they become adults.  Because students are able to choose the activities they participate in, they are actively contributing to their own self development and sense of identity and broadening the parameters of what success in school means to them.

The contributions and support that students offer to one another through the wider curriculum nurtures and strengthens important relationships across the school and further fosters the strong sense of community that is both an integral feature and value of Highbury Fields School.  In this way, the wider curriculum fulfils the essential function of enabling students to have fun in a meaningful way and thus together to create lasting positive memories of their time in school.    

Future Success Programme - Friday Period 5 - 6

The Future Success Programme enables students to work alongside their peers, with the Sixth Form Team and a range of external partners to learn about a range of topics. 

Sessions include sample university lectures, apprenticeship application and CV masterclasses as well as working with partners to gain information, advice and guidance about career pathways. 

Through both the Mayor’s Fund For London - Access Aspiration Scheme and Uptree.co; students have opportunities for regular work experience placements and mock interviews throughout their time in the Sixth Form.

“The Future success workshops give helpful guidance about what we can do in the future. The work experience opportunities are really valuable”

Tillie, Year 12 student


“Leaders’ work to include information about relevant careers in each curriculum subject is of particular note. This helps pupils to understand the linkage between what they learn in subjects and the entry requirements for a wide range of career options”  

Ofsted Report, September 2022