Old Girls

Highbury Old Girls’ Association (HOGA) is one of the most active alumni associations in London.   It is a safe haven where former pupils of Highbury Hill High School, Shelburne High School and Highbury Fields School can join together to renew friendships and share memories formed during their schooldays at Highbury.    

The AGM and Annual Lunch is held on one Saturday in May at the school and, in recent years, the average attendance has been 80.  Ex-students of all ages, some of whom started at the school in the 1940s, travel from around the country to attend.   The Association celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008 when the Guest Speaker at the lunch was John Mann, husband of former Head Teacher Margaret Mann.  Since then, guest speakers have included ex-students Jane Peel, former BBC News Reporter: Eileen Broster, Professional Pianist and Morag Myerscough, Designer and Monique Rima, former member of staff.

HOGA observes that girls typically think about joining the Association around twenty years after leaving school, having established their future.  HOGA too looks to its future and is always anxious about encouraging younger old girls to join them, to bring in new blood and new ideas and to assure the future of the Association in this modern age of communication and technology.

Members receive two newsletters a year, which are also posted on this page.  More information can be found by looking on Facebook, searching for Highbury Old Girls’ Association (HOGA) and then following the instructions.

If you wish to enquire about membership, please contact:

Mrs Sue Baines, Membership Secretary (email: suebaines85@hotmail.com)