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Year 7 Sleepover

On 15th October, Year 7’s took part in the Year 7 silent disco and sleepover event.

The primary objective of the sleepover is to provide our students with an opportunity to experience a night away from home in the company of their school peers, setting the stage for our planned PGL residential trip in the upcoming summer term as Year 7 draws to a close. We understand that some students felt a bit apprehensive about spending a night away from home, which is why the sleepover took place at school! It allowed students to build confidence while making cherished memories and having a great time.

The Year 7 sleepover was a fun and exciting event, all students gathered in the atrium, later on they were taken to the hall for pizza and squash, afterwards they were presented with headphones for their silent disco, the music came on everyone erupted into singing and dancing.

Billie (year 9) helped play music, while Belle, India and Sadie assisted throughout the night. Billie stated that “it was a very fun and joyful experience and she’s glad she had the opportunity to meet many more year 7’s”.

After this, at around 9.30pm we got ready for fun and age-appropriate ghost stories which was followed by bedtime! The next morning all students had breakfast (croissants and hot chocolate) before getting ready to go home.

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