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Flag American Football

Highbury Fields School girls had an opportunity to participate in Flag American Football sessions and work with British American Pro-footballers, Stephen Hutchinson and Paul Barquinha, founders of Ballaz In Da Middle.

In our coaching sessions, students learned how to play the game, develop the core skills of throwing, catching, movement, agility and at the same time had lots of exercise and fun. Girls developed organisational, analytical, quick-thinking and concentration skills.

Flag American Football is one of the fastest growing sport in the UK for women. Promotes a “can-do-it spirit”. Playing this sport will help to teach teamwork, camaraderie & self-discipline.

Here is some feedback from students about the session:

“I always look forward to the next session, it’s fun”                       

“I love running, it’s really good”

“I’ve learned how to play Flag American Football”

“Nice to learn new sport”

“We had a good communication and teamwork on the pitch”

“We want to see and work with Paul, again!”

“It was challenging and interesting”

“Paul push us to work hard, thank you!”

“I met new people in the FAF club”

You can view photo's in our Gallery