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Highbury Fields School - Reading Clubs

Highbury Fields School runs exciting Reading Clubs for years 7-8 and years 9-13. All the Reading Clubs take place after school. Students in years 9-13 attend the Reading Clubs on Mondays from 3:15 to 4:15 and years 7-8 Tuesdays from 3:15 to 4:15.

The Reading Clubs are led by students in years 10 and 12, supervised by our specialist reading coach. These students play a very important role in helping younger students to enjoy reading and gain confidence. During the sessions, students read interesting books which they have chosen as a group. It is a relaxing atmosphere where students feel welcomed, happy and safe. Students read and discuss their reading books and have demonstrated tremendous confidence in reading.

The purpose of the Reading Clubs is to have fun with books. Students are very enthusiastic and always look forward to attending the Reading Clubs.

Reading Clubs give students the opportunity to chat about books that they have read, creating a strong reading culture within the school.  They also encourage students to read more and explore a variety of genres and titles.

Highbury Fields School Reading Clubs are open to all students in the school and provide an opportunity for readers from different classes and levels to connect. It is a place where book lovers feel safe, valued, and get to explore the different worlds that books can take us to.