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  • HFS - Top 4 (CyberFirst Competition)

HFS - Top 4 (CyberFirst Competition)

On Saturday 5th February, four  Year 8 students attended the CyberFirst Competition with ten other groups from different schools in the London finals. Whilst they didn't win the competition, the students did very well, coming fourth out of over 400 teams. They worked extremely hard the whole day and left with their heads held high. 

The whole experience was both fascinating and eventful. They echoed the values we instil in our students at Highbury Fields School. They were polite and respectful to everyone they met, which included some very senior women in the Tech Community. Not only were they impressed by our students, but the students themselves were reassured to see the number of women in these senior roles.   Hopefully, this experience will encourage to open new doors and also be an ambassador for future girls who would like to work in tech.

“The experience of getting into the finals was amazing and unique in the sense that we got to go to the Amazon building and we met really inspiring people. Our friend is adamant she will buy out Jeff Bezos when she is older!  As well as this, the food was amazing and we got lots of prizes from the Amazon web service team, who were really friendly.

Overall, we had a really fun time and would definitely recommend entering the competition for a chance of a memorable experience. We hope that next year’s teams will sign up and have the same experience as we have. We look forward to being ambassadors next year and helping other students.” - Year 8s