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    Year 8 Tapas Menu Competition

    As part of their studies for the module on ‘La comida’ (Food), Year 8 and Year 9 Spanish students have learned about the Spanish tradition of eating ‘tapas’ - small portions of food, usually served with a drink. The word ‘tapa’ literally means ‘lid’ and legend has it that it was decreed centuries ago by the king that bar owners could only serve a drink with some cheese, ham or bread on top to go with it to keep people from getting too drunk! Another story claims that it was simply to keep the flies out. Either way, it became a typically Spanish custom, and ‘tapear’ (to go for tapas) is more than a meal, it’s a way of life in Spain - taking time to appreciate delicious morsels over drinks with family and friends!
    Students learned about a range of traditional Spanish delicacies and were then invited to take part in a competition to design the best tapas menu! There were some outstanding entries, some with impressively professional graphic design, some with creative menu choices and even original ideas like an added kids’ fun pack! You can see some winning entries here.
    Year 9 winners were: Harry & Chidinma, Afsana, Tulin and Fatima. Year 8 winners were Jamie-Leigh and Courtney, Ying, Debbie and Kajol. Well done to all!
    Here are the winning menu's
    Menu 1   Menu 2   Menu 3 Menu 4   Menu 5   Menu 6