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Geography Photography Competition


HFS Physical Geography Photography Competition

In Geography last term they were learning about the importance of physical geography in shaping our experiences, understanding natural processes, as well as explaining the formations of landforms in our ‘Rivers’ and ‘Coasts’ topics. Our photography competition was an exciting way for students to showcase their understanding of the natural world and share their amazing talents. We were very pleased to have lots of budding photographers, and it was very challenging to choose the winners. The Geography department is very pleased to announce:

The winners of the HFS Physical Geography Photography Competition are:


Candy, Year 8


Mountain Majesty, France

During the winter, I went to Valloire in France. It is a ski resort and has a lovely landscape to view. I took this picture when I was hiking in the mountains. As you can see in the picture, there are a variety of different trees covered in thick white snow. The mountains are from ranges of tall and small.                                                     


Emine, Year 9

beeChillin’ Bumblebee, London

This photograph was taken in my local "river walk" which is a manmade river with plants and nature, where I walk my dog quite often. I took this photo with my phone, which has quite a good quality camera in daylight. The flower the bumblebee is sitting on is called a dandelion, and they can be found pretty much anywhere. Even though some people are afraid of bees, this kind of bee isn't dangerous and won't sting you. It's minding its own business collecting nectar to bring back to their hive. Don't be scared of them, they're just chillin'. Wasps however…


Kiara, Year 7

Alone, France

In the South of France, in the mountains of the Pyrenees.  In the foreground of the landscape there were some


 evergreen trees which probably soak up the underground water from the pond which has seeped into the soil. In the bottom left, there was the huge, still pond which- because it was so deoxygenated- did not hold many fish. In the background, there are some hills with small gradients and other trees.

You can view the runner's up photo's here