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Year Group Brunches

On mornings throughout the second half of our autumn term students came together in the hall to celebrate their collective achievement during celebration events called Highbury Brunch.
These brunches were an opportunity for the school, our students and their teachers to come together to celebrate the successes of our girls in their first term back to school following the summer break, and to do so as a community. As a school we seek to encourage our students to find joy in one another’s achievements and to continue to work towards our shared values of respect, tolerance and kindness and do so together. The Highbury Brunch was an exciting opportunity for your daughter and her peers to do just this.
The girls were served hot chocolate followed by a hot waffle with the option of chocolate sauce and banana as a topping. Our fabulous sixth form helpers were instrumental in the seamless delivery of these to our eager pupils, doing so with a level of efficiency not seen in some restaurants!
Each of the mornings saw a great number of smiles on the faces of our students and on those of their teachers as well. As we bid farewell to the autumn term and say hello to the Christmas break and the spring term beyond it, the sense of community spirit that was felt so strongly in these brunches will, no doubt, continue to permeate the school until our next round of celebration events in the spring, the Highbury Tea.
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