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  • Jack Petchey Achievement Awards 2021

Jack Petchey Achievement Awards 2021

The Jack Petchey Foundation was set up by Sir Jack Petchey CBE to inspire and celebrate young people.  Since 1999, over £143 million has been invested  in programmes to benefit young people aged 11-25 across London and Essex.

Each month staff and students at Highbury Fields School select one student to win a Jack Petchey Achievement Award.  The award allows students and staff to recognise the effort and achievement of a Highbury Fields Student in a practical and positive way.

Congratulations to the following students:

Aska - Year 8
During the month of January Aska consistently engaged very enthusiastically with online learning when it was still very new to everyone. Her interesting contributions to lessons and work produced was impressive. Aska was a key role model for others in the year group showing dedication and commitment to her learning despite the change to the usual routines

Zara - Year 7
In February Zara was noted by her form tutor as having a significantly positive impact on the whole form during their online tutor time sessions. Zara was nominated as student of the week for a week in February and continued to be a positive influence on the form by keeping everyone’s spirits lifted through “engaging in lots of uplifting conversations” with the whole of her online form.
Christina - Year 9
Christina is being nominated for her excellent positive influence on her peers. Her sunny disposition and seemingly endless motivation noticeably brightens up any classroom. Her inquisitive nature and hunger to learn has led to her being the most rewarded student in the school for the entity of the spring term accumulating the most notes of praise sent home by her teachers in recognition of her steadfast dedication, her assistance of others and her ceaseless desire to learn.
Chhaya - Year 10
Throughout her time in school Chhaya had been setting an outstanding example to her peers and younger students by  consistently upholding the schools core values of kindness, respect and tolerance towards other students. Her positivity and good nature around the school is always able to encourage her peers to maintain a positive attitude towards their learning. A particular example from this month is when she voluntarily dedicated a significant portion of her time to helping a new student in the formwith her reading and checking her understanding of tasks during lessons so that she felt included and was able to make progress.
Jouwaria - Year 7 
Jouwaria has recently taken the top spot in the schools table of students who have received the most rewards in school, particularly large numbers of merits and notes of praise cards sent home. She has done this through her tireless efforts to work hard in all of her subjects showing dedication and a keen desire to learn. Jouwaria has been an excellent example to her fellow year 7 students.
Armak - Year 9
Armak is being awarded for being extremely helpful and kind whilst supporting other students in all lessons and around school. Armak has offered considerable support to a student who is new to England helping her find her way around the school, get comfortable in the form and translating conversations with teachers on some occasions between English and our new starter’s native Turkish.
Emily - Year 7
Emily was the student who was most rewarded throughout the Autumn Term. Emily was awarded more merits and notes of praise (postcards home) by her subject teachers than any other student in the school. The notes of praise and merits recognised her extraordinary commitment to her new school and the adjustment she has made to a secondary school  environment post-school closure, and are illustrative of her dedication to learning.
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