Angelo Weekes

Job: Local Authority Governor

Role: Research, Representation and Welfare Co-ordinator at Westminster University

Why did you want to be a governor?  angelo weekes

I’m an active member of the Labour party so knew Highbury Fields School was one of the best schools in Islington but was still striving to improve, so I wanted to be a governor here. I believe with my skills and knowledge I can help it to continue to improve.

Any tips? 

I have a stammer but I took inspiration from politicians, Ed Balls has a stammer too but he’s spoken in front of audiences baying for his blood! At university in the first year I wouldn’t speak at all in class, but a few years ago I gave a speech in front of hundreds of people. So my tip is know what you’re going to say before you say it. It’s also why I took on the role of Wellbeing  governor at Highbury Fields School, not just from my experience speaking out in public, but knowing that where I work lots of students have a range of issues that makes it hard for them to focus on their studies.