Vision and Values

Highbury Fields is a small and welcoming school for girls aged 11 to 18. Ours is a diverse and culturally rich environment within which every girl succeeds. Our students are highly aspirational and have positive attitudes to their learning and attainment. We are committed to supporting and optimising the academic achievements of every student."Highbury Fields School, where every child is truly known..."

At Highbury Fields, we believe that:

  • In our school, there are no limitations to a child's success

  • Our school plays a crucial role in preparing students to face the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world

  • Our diverse and culturally rich school community develops cultural respect and understanding

  • Academic excellence is at the core of everything we do

At Highbury Fields, we:

  • Provide an education tailored and responsive to individuals’ needs

  • Deliver excellent teaching

  • Offer creative learning and an enriched curriculum

  • Promote positive attitudes towards learning

  • Operate a climate of mutual respect

At Highbury Fields, we expect that students will:

  • Be successful academically and creatively

  • Make strong progress across the curriculum

  • Develop resilience

  • Be independent thinkers

  • Become confident young women