Jack Petchey Achievement Award

Highbury Fields School is a member of the Jack Petchey Foundation. This means that each month pupils, teachers and support staff can nominate a student who they think has done something special, either in or outside of school.

In school, they may have improved attendance or punctuality. They may have also helped stop bullying, been friendly to their peers and behaved well in class.

Outside school they may have been kind or helpful in a particular session, been a regular carer for younger or older people or have done some charity work.

Selecting Our Winners

Awards are for individuals only, no group or joint awards can be made.

Students must be involved in nominating and selecting winners, but staff, parents, volunteers can also get involved!

Celebration Events

Once a year, schools and colleges are required to attend a prestigious borough- wide celebration event where winners receive a special medallion. Award winners, their families, friends and staff are invited to attend- it’s a great celebration!

Keep an eye out on our website for dates of future Celebration Events.

Spending the Money

The winner decides how the £200 is spent. The money must be used for the benefit of a group of young people and not an individual.

The winners for 2015, were:


Year Group

Reason for winning



She was awarded sports ambassador for her form and has displayed a huge amount of commitment to the PE department. Angelica has played in two national cup football games and in one of the games she was the only year 7.  She has promoted lots of clubs to her friends and got them to join as well as sometimes going to a club knowing she is the only student in her year training.  Overall outstanding PE student of year 7 so far.

Hajaar 8

Was awarded for being so determined to overcome obstacles and go the extra mile for other people in their hour of need.  Haajar wanted the money to go towards setting up an after school swimming club at Highbury Pool.

Ayse 9 Ayse went out of her way to look after, protect and care for somebody else.  She showed herself to be a very kind and brave person.  Ayse would like the £200 to go to the Science department.  She feels they are lacking  advanced resources and equipment.  The department Purchased biological models.

Well done to all of our winners who each received £200 to spend on something of their choice for the school, plus they all received a certificate and badge.