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Count On Us Challenge

72 schools from in and around London were invited to take part in this year’s 2017 Count on Us Challenge Competition. The maths based competition contains rounds of puzzling, quick mental maths and algebra problem solving. Highbury Fields were now competing in the semi-finals having brilliantly come 3rd in their heat.

We sent our 5 strongest mathematicians from year 9: Nawaal, India, Caitlin and Lauryn & Abyan. The girls come up against some of the best mathematicians in the country. We made a brilliant start managing to win 3 out of the first 4 games of Hex thanks to excellent decision making from Caitlin & Abyan. The team then put in an outstanding performance in the geometric puzzles with Nawaal standing out with some unbelievable puzzling. A fantastic performance by India & Lauryn in the 24 game set the team up for the last round of algebra.

In spite of some confusing instructions the team of 5 were able to complete 4 of 6 codes in the toughest round of the tournament. All this meant that Highbury Fields finished a tremendous 6th out of 13 in their semi-final. Unfortunately overall we finished 13th out of 26th and cruelly missed out on the final by one spot. All six members of the team competed fantastically in both heats & semi-finals and were brilliant representatives for Highbury Fields. Even though we just missed out on the final it was still an incredible achievement to finish 13th out of 72 schools and the girls should feel very proud of themselves.