Level 3 Business

Business is a course designed to develop your practical skills and theoretical understanding of the world of business and complete projects investigating topics such as marketing, financial analysis, website design and retail strategies. By the time you have completed the course you will have a good knowledge of the world of business and a practical skill set that will prepare you for the next stage in your business career.

Course structure

Students will study 18 units, covering a range of topics including accounting, marketing, human resource management and website design.

Content and assessment

Unit 1

Exploring Business -


Unit 2

Developing a marketing campaign

Internal examination

Unit 3

Personal and business Finance

External examination

Unit 4

Managing an event


Unit 5

International business


Unit 6

Principles of management

External examination

Unit 7

Business Decision Making

External examination

Unit 8

Recruitment and selection


Unit 11

Final account for PLC


Unit 14

Investigating Customer Service


Unit 15

Investigating Retail Business


Unit 22

Market research


Unit 27

Work experience in Business




This course is all about preparing you for employment and/or entry to university.

Future careers include accounting, banking, insurance, human resources, marketing and sales. In addition, we will prepare you for starting your own business or perhaps an e-business.

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