Spring Term School Closure Information

Dear Parent/Carer and Student

Below you will find information relating to the spring term school closure.

Home Learning Area

The Home Learning Area (HLAis a platform for all student lessons.  Students should login in hfs.rmunify.com.  There are guides below for both parents and students.

Guidance Documents for Parents and Students

Parent Guide to HLA

Student Guide to HLA


Below is a guide to how safeguarding will operate at Highbury Fields School during the COVID-19 spring term school closure

Highbury Fields School remains committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all members of the school community.

Safeguarding during the spring term school closure

How to raise a concern/communicate with the school

The school wishes to ensure that any concerns or complaints raised during the school closure can be communicated efficiently to the relevant persons.

Should you wish to raise a concern or question, please read the following link: Communicating with the school during the spring term closure

Remote attendance procedures

Highbury Fields School expect parents and carers to hold responsibilities for supporting their daughter whilst she is learning at home.  Parents and carers should take a positive interest in their daughter's Google Meet form time and lesson support progress. They should talk to their daughter about her experience of the Home Learning Area.  Please see below for further information: Attendance to the Home Learning Area

Letters to parents

Please see letters below that have been communicated with parents/carers during Spring Term Closure.

2021-01-22 Letter to parents

2021-01-15 Letter to parents

Safe Learning From Home Guide

Remote learning contingency plan

2021-01-08 Letter to parents

2021-01-07 Letter to parents re examination 

2021-01-05 Letter to parents re school closure

2021-01-04 Letter - critical workers and in school provision and laptop access

Letter from Islington local authority to parents and carers