GCSE Examination Results 2019

Thursday 22nd August 2019 was the turn of Highbury Fields’ Year 11 students to celebrate their considerable academic success.   

The school community is thrilled that 91% of students attained a grade 4 or above in English and 83% in mathematics, results that are considerably above national averages and which reflect the determination with which students approached their examinations.  Impressively, 46% of English grades and 28% of mathematics results were at grade 7 or above, the equivalent of an A under the old GCSE grading system.

Students also achieved significant success in other highly academic subjects.  In biology and chemistry, 84% of grades were at grade 7 or above.  Students also achieved excellent results in art, geography, history, music and Spanish. Despite examinations becoming increasingly rigorous and challenging, 38% of all grades for the new courses were at grade 7 or above.

Under the new GCSE grading structure, a grade 9 has been created to recognise the very highest performing students. At Highbury Fields School 11% of all grades awarded to students were grade 9.

Highbury Fields School is extremely proud of all of our students, who make excellent progress throughout the school, regardless of their background or starting points.  The school is very excited about welcoming our wonderful Year 11 students back to the school as sixth formers in September.

You can view our results here GCSE Examination Results 2019