Careers Education Provision Years 7-9

Careers education provision years 7-9

Careers provision in years 7-9 is focused on providing a broad exposure to the range of careers and careers pathways available to young people in our school. Our students meet a range of professionals and take part in workshops to experience working within different sectors. We place particular emphasis on challenging stereotypes and encouraging our ambitious students towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects.



Year groups involved

STEM assemblies and STEM challenge workshops

Through the year we invite a range of professionals from STEM sectors to present in a careers assembly and then complete a 1 hour careers challenge with a class. Professionals include NHS nurses and doctors, veterinary scientists from the Royal Veterinary College, digital technology professionals, forensic scientists and many more.

Years 7 - 9 experience at least 5 assemblies each with each form group completed a STEM challenge workshop each year. 

STEAM week

Highbury Fields School STEAM week is an annual event to mark British Science Week. During the week subject areas lead careers based activities that demonstrate the role of STEM in different career sectors. Highlights include dissections in Science, robotics in Technology, Art and Design engineering challenges and much more. This week is also marked by STEM assemblies and workshops, additional careers events and trips and the annual Meet the Professionals  event. 

Years 7-9

Individual careers and progression guidance

Students in year 9 are given an options booklet that provides information and guidance on the wide choice of GCSE options subjects offered by the school. This is supported by individual options guidance meetings that take place in year 9 for all students.

Year 9


Students explore different career options and education pathways in order to support their GCSE options decisions. They also develop their CV writing and interview skills.

Year 9