The PTA would love you to join them and help play a part in your daughter's secondary school experience. It is a great way of meeting teachers and other parents. If you do not have the time to come to committee meetings, do not worry, as there are plenty of other ways to be involved and you can keep updated either via email or the webpage. To stay in touch send your e-mail, name and daughter's year group to and state that you are interested in joining the PTA.

Member Position Number E-mail
Pete May Treasurer 020 7704 6420

Aims of the PTA

  • To support the school, the students and their parents/carers.
  • To help parents get to know the school, its ethos and leadership.
  • To give parents the opportunity to add value and interest to their daughter's experience.
  • To increase the links between parents, pupils, staff and governors
  • To broaden the range of activities in the school.
  • To help parents who find school daunting to meet with staff in social settings.
  • To keep communication open between home and school.

PTA activities

  • Together with teachers and school staff, the PTA fund and arrange social events.
  • Fundraise and organise themed cultural events to embrace and involve our richly diverse school community e.g. Multicultural Evenings.
  • Facilitate together with the school, meetings and support for parents that do not have English as their first language.
  • Encourage teachers and pupils to put forward specific proposals to the PTA for projects they need funding for.
  • The PTA also fundraises for extra-curricular activities.
  • At all concerts, end of term plays, multicultural evening and other events the PTA sells tasty samosas, fairy cakes, flapjacks, biscuits, fruit – during the interval. Bring along something to sell, and/or come and buy a delicious treat. Or just help run the stall. Contact for more information.
  • Raise money for our school if you shop online (e.g., at Tesco, John Lewis, Amazon or Argos) by joining and selecting "Highbury Fields School." Local primary schools do something similar, so let's have a go at our school. Best of all it costs YOU nothing, but raises our school some extra cash for spending on the students educational, sporting, musical or artistic learning.
  • The PTA has some items of school uniform on offer. Please ask the office. Logo items cost £1, non-logo 50p (sometimes free).

If you have clean outgrown uniform in good condition, please give it to Leigh O’Hara in the Office to pass on. All sizes needed.

Multicultural Evenings

You can download a copy here of Highbury Fields School's very first recipe book - with tasty and healthy meals from around 30 countries, plus ideas from our local area. What is lovely about this recipe book is that it contains dishes, brought along to previous multicultural evenings, that you may have already tried.

Committee vacancies

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Vice-Secretary
  • Vice-Treasurer