GCSE Examination Results 2018

Highbury Fields School students were jubilant when it came to opening their GCSE results this year. Students, parents and staff were delighted with the grades achieved in the new, very difficult examinations. 89% of students gained grade 4 or above in English and 80% a grade 4 or above in maths, significantly above national averages.

Impressively, despite the challenges, 35% of all grades for the new courses were at grade 7 or above which means that 35% of Highbury Fields GCSE grades were the equivalent of grade A, or above, under the old grading system..

Under the new grading structure a level 9 has been created to recognise the very highest performing students. At Highbury Fields School 7% of all grades awarded to students, in these new and much harder examinations, were grade 9.

38% of English grades and 26% of maths grades were at grade 7 or above.  In other, rigorous subjects, many students also achieved at the higher grade range. 90% of biology and chemistry grades were at 7 or above and 87% of physics grades at 7 or above. There were also excellent results in art, music, history, geography and Spanish.

In 2018 students from all backgrounds and starting points have made great progress and are warmly congratulated. The Highbury Fields School Community is extremely proud of the achievements of their GCSE and A Level students. Despite the heightened pressures they faced the students coped especially well and demonstrated great strength of character and resilience.

You can view our results here GCSE 2018 Results