Sabih Huq

My name is Sabih Huq. My wife, Naomi, and I have two daughters: SHthe eldest is in Year 7 at HFS, the youngest is home educated. I work as a doctor in central London. I am the lead for education and training in medicines and prescribing at UCL Medical School. I also help out a supplementary school, teaching English and Maths, at a mosque on Saturdays. Quite a lot of my life revolves around education - I wouldn’t have any other way!

I love learning and believe education changes individuals and communities for the better in many, many ways, most of which we cannot measure. Providing an education is not easy at the moment with all the changes going on in our society. I believe we need to come together to make things better. We need to work hard, think imaginatively and act bravely. I am looking forward to working with students, parents, staff, the governors and our wider community to help every single child get an education we can all be proud of.