GCSE Examination Results 2017

GCSE resultsHighbury Fields students have, yet again, achieved excellent GCSE results in 2017. Hard work and strong levels of confidence meant that students believed they would be successful and were not daunted by the challenges of the new curriculum in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics. The school benefits from an outstanding team of well qualified and experienced, specialist, English and Maths teachers.  Our high quality teaching has expertly prepared students for these new examinations. Performance in English was exceptional and well above national averages with 22% of students gaining grades 7 and above in English Language and 33% gaining grades 7 and above in English Literature. Students also performed well in Maths with the number of students gaining the highest grades exceeding national averages.

Superb outcomes were achieved by students taking Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as those who studied Double Science. Excellent results were also achieved in History, Geography, French, RE and Computer Science. Headteacher Gladys Berry said “Governors, parents and staff are very proud of the academic achievements of our students and the way in which they have matured into well rounded and resilient young women”.

Highbury Fields School was judged Outstanding by Ofsted in 2016 with inspectors making the following comments:

“Pupils, parents and staff share and contribute to the inspiring culture of the school”

“The quality of teaching is consistently very strong across the curriculum”

“The school is an inclusive community where staff and pupils get along well and work together. They feel valued and respect one another. As a result, the school is an inviting place to learn.”

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