Nicola Baird

nicola bairdRole: Parent Governor

Job: Journalist & Environmental Campaigner

Why did you choose Highbury Fields School? 

There are lots of good schools in Islington but I also wantedmy daughters to go to an all girls’ school. I’m certain this gives them the opportunity and confidence to do anything. So if there’s a play then girls get all the best parts. If someone’s doing labexperiments it’s a girl. If someone’s playing the drums or fixing the sound system, it’s a girl. At any rate that’s what happens at Highbury Fields School and it provides wonderful role models for young women. Part of my work is as an environmental campaigner so I particularly wanted my daughters to be able to walk to school. Of course sometimes they use the bus, but I love the fact that going to a local school means they know the local area so well – and that their friends live close by.

Any memorable moments?  

Ms Berry has been headteacher since 2009 when Lola first went to Highbury Fields School. It is always a pleasure to see her talking about her vision of the school on open days. She is determined to give our girls the best possible classroom experience and to be prepared for a world which is changing so fast. I enjoyed the grand opening of the Atrium and end of the building work, especially seeing the BBC’s Robert Peston and Jeremy Corbyn MP come to this event.

I like the way staff at Highbury Fields really know the students and care about them making progress, being safe and feeling happy when they are at school. Best of all I like the way my own daughters and their friends are proud to be learning at Highbury Fields School.