Carol Tagg

carol taggRole: Community Governor

Job: Teacher

What does your role entail?

When my daughter left the school I became a Community Governor and I am now Chair of the Academic Standards Committee, which does what it says on the tin - monitoring academic standards in the school. We keep a close eye on the results for all the assessment points across the school from Year 7 to Year 13. We congratulate the staff when subject areas are performing well and monitor areas where results need to improve; for example in a year group, a subject area or a particular group of students.

How do you feel about HFS?

I genuinely feel that Highbury Fields is a very special educational establishment. I think it is very important that it is girls only up to Year 11. Most importantly I value its relatively small size, which allows all members of staff to get to know the girls as individuals. The staff nurture them and take an interest in them as young adults, encouraging their different talents and supporting them through any issues.”