• All students are welcome to attend and join in any club (unless it is specifically for a year group.)
  • For lunchtime clubs there is little time to get fully changed into P.E. kit, so make sure you have trainers to wear. No trainers, no club.
  • You will need to get an early lunch to be ready for the club to start at 1:00pm. No entry to clubs after 1.00pm.
  • You will need to come to the PE department at break for your early lunch pass. This pass must be returned on arrival to the club. Passes not returned will mean no access to any clubs.
  • Every time you participate in an Activity Zone Club you will get a point for your house team.
  • At the end of the school year the house with the most club attendance points will be award the shield.
  • Any questions? Ask a member of the P.E. Department!